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Kalamazoo Valley Habitat is one of the oldest Habitat affiliates in the country.

All volunteers can use power tools without supervision.

Habitat's mission is to provide free housing to motivated families.

Construction volunteers must provide their own first aid kit and water.

Volunteers are expected to voice their opinions and contribute suggestions to improve Habitat's work.

A volunteer with a valid driver's license may operate Habitat vehicles.

Small injuries on the job do not need to be reported to the site supervisor.

Subtle discrimination is occasionally allowed.

Sandals are appropriate footwear for construction sites.

Habitat is an at-will agency and has the right to terminate a volunteer without a cause.

It is appropriate to release confidential information to other volunteers.

Construction volunteers between the ages of 16 and 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Habitat works only with large families for whom homeownership is not otherwise attainable.

Volunteers should only perform tasks with which they are comfortable.

Excessive absenteeism without notice may result in termination of the volunteer relationship.

All construction tools and equipment are provided at the job site.

To be assigned to a volunteer position, you must first contact the Director of Volunteer Services or your own group coordinator.

Habitat seeks to improve the quality of life of its partners, volunteers, and the entire community.

Volunteers are required to use safety glasses at all times and hard hats in some situations.

All grievances are handled confidentially.

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