Kalamazoo Valley Habitat for Humanity (Habitat) has been awarded the Grand Winner for Innovation in Affordable Homes (Nonprofit) in the Affordable Homes category by the United States Department of Energy (DOE). The award recognizes a new home Kalamazoo Habitat completed last spring in the Milwood neighborhood.

Grand Winners represent the top entries from each of the six award categories previously announced by the DOE, including Affordable Homes (Nonprofit), Affordable Homes (For Profit), Multifamily Homes, Production Homes, Custom Homes (For Buyer), and Custom Homes (Spec). Winning builders provide substantial energy savings, total comfort, healthy living, peace-of-mind moisture protection, enhanced quality assurance, and future-ready construction.

Each year, the DOE recognizes the most innovative builders in the country. This year, 23 builders were recognized with the award, including Habitat affiliates from Florida and North Carolina.

Kalamazoo was honored with the Grand Award, placing them with the five most exceptional builders from the list of 23, including Thrive Home Builders from Colorado, Dwell Development from Seattle, High-Performance Homes from Pennsylvania, and Revive and Philgreen from Colorado.  The sales prices of the Grand Award winners ranged from $400k – $1.7M. Except, Kalamazoo’s home cost less than $90k to build and sold to a qualified family at an affordable price.

The three bedroom, one bath home was built using advanced construction techniques, added insulation, upgraded windows, and efficient appliances. This creates a comfortable, healthy, durable home for the family that is affordable to maintain and operate. While there is a small increase in cost to build to these efficiency standards, the family can expect to save tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs over the next 30 years. A no-step entry, wider doors and hallways, and a larger bath were also installed that can accommodate those with disabilities visiting or living in the home.


Visit the U.S Department of Energy’s Housing Innovation Award’s website to learn more about the awards and for a complete list of the 2018 Housing Innovation Award Winners: