I won’t be paying rent anymore. Instead, I am buying a home of my own. I feel like I have finally achieved something in life.


I have learned so much in two years and made so many new friends along the way. Habitat for Humanity employees and volunteers have given me hope, faith, and confidence that were lost from my heart for a long time. I have a vision of a brighter future, a belief in a better humanity and knowledge of a stronger community.


The journey to homeownership has been long, involved and sometimes too good to be true. I have to tell you that it was beyond worth the experience. It is truly amazing and I will be forever grateful for all that I have learned from everyone as a partner in the program. I have developed knowledge and skills that will provide me with a favorable advantage as a new homeowner.


So how could we ever say thank you for something as special as this? We will take special care of our home and always remember the sacrifices that went into building this house! –


We thank you, not just for your generous heart, but for your vision, for your ability to gaze into the future of each family here, and not yet here, and see that a difference can be made…. One home at a time.


You have opened doors we thought would never be opened for us. Thank you for fulfilling our dreams. Without YOU this program would not be.