Employer Matching Gifts

What are Matching Gifts?

Matching gifts are donations made by your employer to a non-profit organization to match either a donation you made or time you spent volunteering with that organization. Even retirees and spouses can have their gifts matched for many companies.


Why Matching Gifts?

An employer matching gift doesn’t ask for more money or volunteer time from you; it’s just collecting money that’s already offered by your employer. With minimal effort, you can double your impact that your contribution has for Habitat for Humanity. It’s easy and it costs nothing!

How do I get my contributions matched?

The process is simple: ask if your company has a Matching Gift program. If so, obtain a Matching Gift form from your personnel office, complete the form and return to Kalamazoo Habitat with your contribution.

For more information contact Director of Development, Sara Rising, at 269-344-2443 ext. 213 or srising@habitatkalamazoo.org.

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