Qualifications for partnership include:

  • Demonstrated need for better housing.
  • The ability to repay the Habitat mortgage or home repair loan.
  • The willingness to partner with Habitat.
  • Home buyer families must complete 300 – 500 hours of sweat equity (depending on the number of adults in the family) by attending homeownership and financial literacy classes, building Habitat homes, and participating in Habitat events and functions.
  • Home repair families must complete 8-40 hours of volunteer sweat equity hours based on the Habitat repair loan value.
  • Home buyers and home repair partners must also meet Habitat's Income Guidelines.

Did you know …

  • Habitat for Humanity is inclusive in the population it serves and welcomes the active participation of all people.

  • Habitat builds 4 - 5 homes each year and repairs 12 more..


The Family Selection Committee selects home buyer and home repair partners to match Habitat's annual home construction schedule. Completing the home buyer program from application to purchase of a home may take between 1824 months. Home repairs are completed more rapidly.

All applicants will be considered without regard to race, color, national origin, ethnic or religous background, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, height, weight or disability.