Our Impact

Building Lives One Home at a Time!

In 1983, a group of inspired leaders took a leap of faith to create opportunities for low income families to build and buy affordable homes in our community. Thanks to their vision and the support of the community, more than 190 families have become Habitat homeowners.

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Cycle of Poverty

For thousands of hard-working, low-income families in Kalamazoo County and the southeast corner of Allegan County, homeownership is out of reach. These families don't qualify for a bank loan. In the city of Kalamazoo alone, 3 out of 4 very low-income families have a significant housing problem. For them, a cycle of poverty and instability often continues no matter how they persevere. The statistics are grim: unsafe, unhealthy, inadequate housing is often the only option, and it is costly. Many families spend too much of their income on shelter, making other basic necessities unaffordable.

Without Habitat's no-interest, no-profit homes, many families have zero opportunity for homeownership.

Goals, Energy and Action

Kalamazoo Valley Habitat for Humanity meets the affordable-housing crisis head on. We build and rehab houses. We provide zero-interest financing. We recruit partner families – then help them achieve homeownership and acquire the skills to face those responsibilities and challenges. Homeownership brings enhanced stability and opportunity to the lives of Habitat families. Habitat creatively explores strategies and makes connections that keep the cost of our homes—and homeownership—at a minimum.

A Beacon of Hope

Why is homeownership so empowering? When a family is able to own a home, it helps children stay in the same school. It eases family conflict and stress. It helps build financial equity while encouraging self-esteem and self-reliance. Kalamazoo Valley Habitat for Humanity addresses affordable housing concerns with a truly revolutionary response. Because we understand both the great need and the far-reaching results that are possible, we are able to craft a program that brings true benefit to families. The entire community is lifted when families are able to build financial and social capital. Habitat makes it possible.

Habitat families set a shining example for their children, their neighborhoods, and their community.

A Brighter Future

Everything we need to address the housing crisis is right here in our area. The motivated families. The volunteers. The financial resources. Kalamazoo Valley Habitat for Humanity brings them all together to create a community miracle. Habitat supports a forceful chain reaction that improves many lives—for many years.